About Countrywide

Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd holds the status of a Tax and Trust Corporation. Being awarded this status means that Countrywide, is a business organised specifically for entering into fiduciary relationships with individuals, or organisations, to act as Executor, Guardian, or Trustee in Administration of Custodial Arrangements, Estates and Trust Funds.

Trust Corporations also provide services such as Estate Planning

Our Company Directors, Clive Ponder and Bob Massey are both full members of STEPand have passed the STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) Diploma. 

Cutting edge strategies for 

  • Inheritance Tax (IHT) Mitigation
  • Care Planning
  • Asset Protection against- Divorce / Separation / Creditors & Bankruptcy / Marriage After Death / Generational IHT
  • Capital Gains Tax Mitigation

Great value for money

Because of the volume of documents we produce weekly, our cutting edge protection and Tax Mitigation strategies can be delivered at prices, below those that can be found anywhere else in the market.

To date, we have never reviewed a Will that could not be improved!

No matter how complicated the Estate of a client may seem, help is always on hand to find the optimum solution.

The Helpline department can provide full reports for your clients, if required. The Helpline can also analyse a client’s current Will and Trust(s) and offer advice as to what the existing Will achieves. More importantly, they can highlight what it does NOT do and illustrate how to improve the documentation and planning.

The best recommendation we have is that we have never had to advertise to increase the numbers of the hundreds of Advisers that use our services. Continually, new people are using our services, all by recommendation from their peers. Also, to date, no one has ever left us to use other companies.