Willmaker Direct

Expand your business with this simple online Will writing Software

Simple Will Writing Software

For those of you who do not have the time or inclination to train to become an Estate Planning Consultant but still want to benefit from a guaranteed income source from existing clients and referrals in this market, then Willmaker Direct is for you.

Willmaker Direct is an Online Software Package which allows you the Adviser, to set up a Will for your clients simply and efficiently whilst providing you with the opportunity to increase both your client bank and your income, all at the Touch Of A Button!

Increase your client bank too.

We can NEVER have enough clients, but what Will Writing system can provide you with new clients for as little as £5+VAT?

Will Writing Software

Willmaker Direct can be used by sales forces of Life Assurance, General House Insurance, by Mortgage Brokers and IFAs, in fact anyone who has a client bank. The Instruction Sheet/Fact Find is simple to complete and can be completed either face to face, or over the phone. You may also choose not to fill out the Instruction Sheet and instead, input the client information directly into the Software.

Watch our Cartoon to see how it can work for you.