Pick and mix our services

The choice is yours. Expand your business by combining our different opportunities.

There isn’t a one size fits all when you work with Countrywide. Our flexible pick and mix range of services can be uniquely tailored to suit your company and you are not limited to just choosing one of our routes available. Many of our Partners decide to combine our options.


See how the below businesses could benefit from working in a partnership with Countrywide

I’m a Financial Adviser and whilst I am advising on a mortgage, and always recommend that my clients should have a Will in place. Many of my younger clients only need a basic Will and this is something I want to offer, but not use up my time visiting my clients. Choosing to use the Willmaker Software will suit me perfectly. This will allow me to create Basic Wills for them whilst costing me from as little as £5 per Will and simply take the instructions over the phone. This means I won’t lose control of my clients whilst expanding my profit margin.

I’m a Solicitor and taking client instructions is second nature. I don’t need the Estate Planner training but I do want the Countrywide Legacy Software. This is exactly what I have been looking for and means that I can offer an extensive range of legal products and services. I also am a Countrywide Member, meaning I can discuss my custom clauses with the Technical Experts on the Estate Planning Helpline amongst any other technical queries I might have.

We are a large Accountancy firm and we currently introduce our clients directly to Countrywide and their qualified Estate Planning Consultants. By referring our clients, we benefit from both a great share in the commissions and better client retention. We are also considering having a few members of our own staff attend the Estate Planning Training Course, so we can complete our clients’ estate planning in house, with Countrywide’s technical experts at hand if we need them.

I’m an IFA and wanted to be able to help my clients protect the wealth I have helped them to grow over the years and retain for their family, thus setting me apart from other Advisers. Training as an Estate Planning Consultant with Countrywide has meant that I am in a position to revisit my existing clients and offer them this invaluable service, safe in the knowledge that the estate planning strategies I am recommending to them are effective and bona fide.

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