Why become an Estate Planning Consultant?

Whatever your current occupation, you can train to become an Estate Planning Consultant / Advisor and benefit from both a new income stream and new clients gained from this market.

We all know that everyone should have a Will, surprisingly over 70% of the adult population don’t have one. Of the 30% that do, the majority are either out of date or a basic Will and do not include the use of Trusts, so assets remain unprotected and will rarely achieve what the client actually intended. At Countrywide we would always recommend protecting client assets through the use of Trusts. Trust planning doesn’t need to be complicated, but is always very effective.

Your clients care very much about the wealth they have amassed often through years of hard work and want to ensure that is it passed onto loved ones and protected and for the generations to come. Countrywide’s range of products and services are designed to do just that!

All of this means that the potential for finding new clients is huge and gaining referrals from this market is also a much more straightforward process than most, with the only question you ever need to ask being “Do you have a Will?”

Add to your existing client bank with referrals from this market!

A partnership with us keeps you in contact with your clients through each stage of their life

Would you really want to risk losing control of your clients by not being able to provide this service yourself? 

Training to become an Estate Planning Consultant is your opportunity to create income streams that add real value to your business whilst enhancing existing client relationships.

During your training with us, you will quickly realise that, Financial Services products go hand in hand with our Estate Planning strategies. So, for those of you who are qualified as Financial Advisers, you will also be able to provide your clients with these extra Financial Services direct.

For those of you who are not qualified as a Financial Adviser, you will easily be able to establish a relationship with an existing Financial Adviser and benefit from a share in the commissions from these introductions which will provide you with the perfect opportunity to increase your own client bank, from introductions from the Financial Adviser's own client bank.

What do I do next?

So, whether you are a large company, sole trader, new to the business or an experienced Will writer, you can easily train to become an Estate Planning Consultant. 

Firstly, are you a:

Sole trader or small company  Large Company or Network