Training for Large Companies and Networks

Once you have decided that you would like to have some or all of your staff train with us as Estate Planning Consultants then as a large Company or Network, then you will need to complete the following 5 steps:

Book your training

Those who wish to train to become Estate Planning Consultants will need to complete our Foundation training course including our online learning module.

Whilst your staff are welcome to attend any of our locally held training days, a training day at your office or venue of your choice (4 Advisors minimum) can also be arranged to suit. In addition, our usual 2 day Foundation training course can be combined into one day for your convenience

There will be a set fee for the training day and a small charge per person for our Online Learning modules

For 10 or more Advisors attending the course the training is FREE with only the online learning fee to pay

Choose whether or not attendees pay for their own online learning, or the company.

Choose your Contract

Work with us in the way that best suits you and your business

Following the Countrywide Foundation Training Course, every Advisor working in association with Countrywide, must sign one of our Company Contracts agreeing to our Terms and Conditions prior to providing advice on our Products & Services.

There are 2 contracts which are suitable for large companies and networks available to you, which are Contracts C and D.

Once you have decided on the contract which suits your business model best, we will then produce a three way contract between the head of the company, CTTC Ltd and your individual Advisors. You can rest assured that Countrywide never allow Advisors who have been trained through a company to come direct to us and so your Advisors will remain your Advisors, unless you tell us otherwise.

Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd (CTTC Ltd) adheres to the STEP Will Writing Code of practice and so all Wills drafted by CTTC Ltd carry both our own logo and the Step Will Writing Code logo. STEP is the leading international association for Practitioners giving advice in the area of Wills, Trusts and Estates.

One of the things you will need to consider when choosing which contract is right for your business is whether or not you wish to benefit from your clients knowing that you work "in association with" Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd (CTTC) who adhere to the Step Will Writing Code. Contract C will allow you to do this.

For those Companies who solely want to trade under their own name / brand without any reference to Countrywide then Contract D is right for you. 

Our Contracts at a Glance

Table for Contact C and D

Purchase Your Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy

Every Advisor working in partnership with Countrywide, must have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place, and this needs to be in place prior to commencing work and recommending our Products and Services to your clients. 

Purchase the Countrywide Legacy Will Writing Software

In order for your Advisors to take Client instructions for Wills, Trusts and other legal products and services it is necessary to purchase our Will writing Software.

Please note: discounts are available for multiple inputting licences.

Become a Countrywide Member

Become a Countrywide Member and benefit from a wealth of resources, and be safe in the knowledge that your client's planning is 100% correct. We can offer Legal advice for any stage of the planning; from making recommendations, reviewing current Wills, to checking documents you have drafted either using our Software, or by other means.