Planning for Corporate and High Net Worth Clients PART 1 (17th Sep)

Introducing our:

Planning for Corporate and High Net Worth Clients PART 1

Equip yourself with the right tools to provide your High Net Worth clients with specialist advice specifically tailored to their individual needs.

So, if you are an experienced Estate Planner with High Net Worth clients with assets in excess of £1,000,000 excluding the main residence, this course is for you.


What is possible for HNW clients within UK IHT legislation?

NEW AND UPDATED to include:

An update on the Consultation into the Simplification all you need to know!

- CGT uplift on death – the final nail in the coffin?

- IHT allowances – What re the proposed changes and their potential impact

- An overview on how it may impact “our” clients

  • First things first – Making the most of IHT allowances
  • Making provision for dependant relatives can be IHT free immediately!
  • When is a Gift GROB not a GROB?
  • RNRB and the Flexible Family Trust
  • The workings of the Flexible Family Trust post death
  • Multiple Trusts and periodic charges… How to break the relationship!
  •  Dealing with Life Assurance correctly
    -  Debt deductibility
    - Life policies in excess of the NRB
  • Trust of Land
  • Gifting and deferring CGT
  • The applications of declarations of Trust in estate planning – don’t miss opportunities!
  • Investment Bonds and Trust taxation

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The cost of this course is £75 + VAT for Members and £115 for Non-Members