Key Features & Benefits Sheets and Client Support Information Sheets

Invaluable at the point of sale, many of our Partners hold our Key Features & Benefits sheets and our Client Support Information sheets in high regard.

Explain and cement your estate planning recommendations

Sometimes Estate Planning products and services require a slightly more detailed explanation and our information sheets can fill in all the gaps for you. 

Our series of Key Features & Benefits Sheets and Client Support Information Sheets cover all client scenarios dependent on their marital status and value of their assets, to assist you at the point of sale. 

Many advisers also prefer to leave a copy of the appropriate sheet(s) with the client, to help “cement” the planning and provide the client and their family with a clear understanding of how the planning will work for them. With this in mind, you have the option to have all the information sheets branded with your company logo and details.

      Full list of Key Features & Benefits Sheets

Powers of Attorney

Sheet 11.1 and 11.2: Lasting Power of Attorney
Sheet 16: Making a Scottish Power of Attorney
Sheet 17: Making an Enduring Power of Attorney (NI)
Sheet 18: Making a General Power of Attorney
Sheet 29 and 29A: Business LPA and Business EPA

Death Planning: Will with
Distribution to Pilot Trusts

Sheet 1 and 1A: Death Planning - Couples under NRB
Sheet 2 and 2A: Death Planning - Married over NRB
Sheet 3 and 3A: Death Planning - Non-married over NRB
Sheet 4 and 4A: Death Planning - Single/Widowed People
Sheet 9: Business & Agricultural Assets

Supporting Information

Sheet 22: Multiple Trusts
Sheet 6: Generational IHT

Trusts within the Will

Sheet 101: Couples under NRB
Sheet 102: Married over NRB
Sheet 104: Single/Widowed People
Sheet 109: Business /Agricultural Trust

Life Assurance and Pension
Death Benefits

Sheet 7: Family Pension Death Benefit Trusts
Sheet 8 and 8A: Life Assurance
Sheet 13: Limiting Liabilities on Death


Sheet 5: Care – Investments
Sheet 12 and 12A: Family Probate Preservation Plus Trust

Lifetime Planning

Sheet 14.1 and 14.2: Protect the Deposit
Sheet 21: Trust of Land
Sheet 23: Rental Properties
Sheet 23A: Family Gift Trust
Sheet 23B: Family Holdover Gift Trust
Sheet 23C: Gift and Loan
Sheet 23D: Declaration of Trust
Sheet 23E: Concessions to Gift with Reservation Rules and Rental Properties
Sheet 23G: Incorporation Properties

Shareholder Protection and Cross Options

Sheet 10.1 and 10.2: Cross Option Agreement

General Information

Sheet 15: Your Will
Sheet 19: Assisting Clients entering Care
Sheet 20: Standard & Mirror Will limitations
Sheet 24: Pilot Trust v Will Trust
Sheet 25: Residence Nil Rate Band
Sheet 26: England & Wales Rules of Intestacy
Sheet 27: Scottish Rules of Intestacy
Sheet 28: Northern Ireland Rules of Intestacy
Sheet 125: Residence Nil Rate Band

 Full list of Client Support Information Sheets

General Supporting

Sheet 1: Preserving Business Assets for Family
Sheet 3: Children's Inheritance
Sheet 10: POA
Sheet 13: Trusts & Tax
Sheet 14: Why You Should Make a Will
Sheet 15: Business Property Relief
Sheet 16: Agricultural Property Relief
Sheet 24: LPA Health and Welfare
Sheet 25: Benefits of Trusts and the use of loans

Using Countrywide

Sheet 17: Secure Storage Facility
Sheet 18: Corporate Trustee
Sheet 19: STEP
Sheet 20: Company Information
Sheet 23: Trustee Discretion


Sheet 5: Executor
Sheet 7: Guardian
Sheet 12: Professional Trustee


Sheet 2: Care Costs
Sheet 9: Paying for Care
Sheet 22: Care Services

Other products

Sheet 4: DOV
Sheet 6: Funeral Plan
Sheet 8: Living Will
Sheet 11: Probate
Sheet 21: Prenuptial Agreements