State of the Art Will Writing Software

Whatever the size or scope of your business, we have a Will writing Software solution for you.

Countrywide Legacy Software

Intelligent Will Software

So much more than standard Will Writing Software with a large range of products, services and more.

This Software is for professional Estate Planning advisors. 

Our aim at Countrywide Legacy is to ensure your success. We firmly believe that our 'state of the art' Software will not only save you time and money, but will give you access to legal products and services that you may not have been able to recommend before, so boosting your income and adding value for your Clients. So, whether you’re a Solicitor, Will Writing Company, Independent professional or part of a network, our Software packages are right for you.

Everything you need at the touch of a button!

Willmaker Direct Software

Simple Will Software

The Software creates simple Wills and is written in plain English, so no technical questions from your clients for you to answer.

Willmaker Direct can be used by sales forces of Life Assurance, General House Insurance, by Mortgage Brokers and IFAs, in fact anyone who has a client bank, even those who have never taken a Will instruction before.

The Instruction Sheet / Fact Find is simple to complete and can be completed either face to face, or over the phone. You may also choose not to fill out the Instruction Sheet and instead, input the client information directly into the Software.

Easy to use!